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King James Video Ministries is dedicated to three goals:

1. Preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, found in the pages of the King James Version.

2. Teaching saved, born-again believers proper doctrine.

3. Defense of the perfection of the King James Version of God's Holy written word.e accomplish these three goals mostly through free videos available on YouTube, and Rumble. 

Should A Christian Invest In Mining?

God's Judgment On Unmarried Whoremongers

Banned From YouTube.....AGAIN!

I will be uploading all new videos to my Rumble channel, until further notice.

Wolfden President's African Mining

Atrocities To Be Brought To Maine!

Very few people are aware that Ron Little (President and CEO Of Wolfden) was part of a corrupt mining company that operated in West Africa, under the name of "Orezone". The above video shows proof of the serious problems which his mining company created, and the destruction of the local area and stealing of people's land!

Wolfden Resources Wants To

Destroy Northern Maine!

It is important for ALL Mainers who love this state, to fight against Wolfden coming to our area. Mining Pickett Mountain will only cause destruction to the natural beauty, and poisoning of our water. The above video shows what the President of Wolfden is planning for our area. Please take the time to watch this very important video!

Rising Oil Prices Will

Home Values

In New England!

The Covid-19 Pandemic Was

A Total LIE!

There Is No "Coronavirus"

The Godhead Doctrine

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