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King James Video Ministries is dedicated to three goals:

1. Preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, found in the pages of the King James Version.

2. Teaching saved, born-again believers proper doctrine.

3. Defense of the perfection of the King James Version of God's Holy written word.

We accomplish these three goals mostly through free videos available on YouTube, and Rumble. 


The Serious SIN Of Vaccination!

The above video shows definitive proof that ALL vaccines contain KNOWN POISONS, according to the CDC. There is no question that vaccines do NOT give anyone good health, nor do they prevent disease. (This sermon was recorded in 2020, and YouTube deleted it from my channel.)

Thousands are dying from the Covid vaccines, and the mainstream media is covering it up! The video above shows the proof.


PROOF That The Covid Vaccines Will

Alter Your Genetic Code!

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New videos below that are too

controversial to put on YouTube:

UAP's, The Bible, And The Next Psy-Op

Catholics Posing As Baptist Pastors!

Why I Decided To Start Wearing A

Face Mask!

Proof That The Jesuits Control The

World Health Organization

2700 Evangelical DEVILS Yoke Up With


More Jesuits Involved In The

Plandemic SCAM

Some Ways To Fight Face Masks

How Covid19 Is Causing TEOTWAKI

Italian Member Of Parliament Exposes

Covid-19 Deaths As A Lie

The Jesuit Order And The Covid-19


Quarantine Yourself...


Did Your Pastor Violate Hebrews 10:25


Baloney Virus And The Death Of

Free Will

This is one of the first videos I made early in 2020, pointing out the scam of Covid-19. YouTube recently removed this video, because it contains truth that they don't want coming out!

Are You Part Of The Order Of


Covidian Churches Bowing To The


Are The Covid Vaccines The

Mark Of The Beast?

The 5th Seal Of Revelation

I Am A White Nationalist

Keytruda Or Covid?

President Of Tanzania Murdered

  For Standing Up To Covid SCAM!  

The Planned Covid-19 Vaccine SCAM

Part 1

We show proof in this video, that the vaccines were already being planned BEFORE the supposed "Pandemic" began last year in 2020.

The Planned Covid-19 Vaccine SCAM

Part 2

Suffering, Pleasure, And Penalty

This study will prove the 100 year cycle is again repeating itself!

Genetically Modified People To Enable

The Mark Of The Beast

The above video was removed within minutes of being uploaded to YouTube. The truth told in it, was apparently something they didn't want coming out!

Blatant Covid False Science

From testing masks on manikins, to denying normal bodily functions, and claiming 100% effective rates on vaccines which haven't even been approved by the FDA, this video shows the proof of what 1 Timothy 6:20 warns about.

Face Mask Zombies!!!

The Papal Pandemic Interdict

Why The Face Mask Agenda Will FAIL!

Janet Mills Proves Why Women Should

Not Be Politicians

YouTube Openly Persecuting

Bible-Believing Christians!

Bruce Mejia Trying To Resurrect The

NIFB Through A Staged Event

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